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A Well-Designed Hiring Solution To Ease Your Transportation Needs

Trusted truck drivers for your logistics, transport, or manufacturing business is first and foremost. At People Plus, we have our recruiting services spread across Australia to help you find the most trusted truck drivers in whichever region you want.

No matter, if you want truck drivers for permanent, temporary, or for certain projects, our experts allow you to get instant recruiting solutions. With a passion to find the perfect match, we help you get the best hiring solution for truck drivers.


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Truck Driver Labour Hire Services


At People Plus, we deliver recruitment services via a streamlined process, which enables us to support your organisation by extending talented human resources.

While finding the right truck drivers, we examine these details:

  • Experience: In the field of truck driving, experience counts the most. At People Plus, we focus on hiring candidates who have extensive experience of driving in different terrains under varying seasons.
  • Required Licenses: We ensure the candidate has the required license and is aware of all the road safety guidelines to mitigate the risk of road accidents.
  • Can Handle Documentation: We find candidates, who are equipped with adequate knowledge about handling documentation and performing tasks including logging and cargo inspection.
  • Route Knowledge: We also ensure that our candidates have essential knowledge of routes, as it is important to effectively complete the tasks.